About Us

Sovereign Management & Legal, Ltd.

Sovereign Management & Legal has provided offshore services to thousands of clients around the world for the last two decades. We offer Belize- and St. Vincent-issued MasterCards and Cyprus-issued Visa Electron Debit Cards as one of many offshore services offered by our company.

Our International Anonymous Prepaid Visa & MasterCard ATM/Debit Cards come with these highly sought after options:

  • Low fixed rate withdrawal fees
  • High daily cash withdrawal limits (up to EUR 3,000)
  • High daily spend limit (up to EUR 20,000)
  • High daily load limit up to EUR 20,000 or one time load of up to EUR 100,000
  • Reasonably priced loading fees (see Fee Schedule)
  • International global debit card denominated in either USD or EUR
  • Provides international liquidity
  • Maximizes privacy without excessive fees or undue restrictions
  • Offshore, global, re-loadable no name debit cards
  • Pay bills online
  • Internet purchases
  • Convenient loading options - including Bank Wire, worldwide Money Transfer companies (12), and internal transfer option from selected banks

Although many competing debit card options, both of the “stored value” or the more conventional account linked variety, share some of the features offered by our cards, it has been simply impossible to find one that met all of the requirements that our clients look for. Now you can!

Looking for an offshore bank account?

We also offer an offshore bank account in Belize or St. Lucia (or an account with a Panama subsidiary of the U.K. and Europe's largest payment provider) which can be used to quickly and inexpensively fund your card via internal transfer. These accounts can be used to store and protect your excess funds that you do not need to have on your card.

Want to form a Panama company and/or foundation along with corporate/trust structures and account opening options in many other countries?

For those that seek additional offshore solutions, such as forming an offshore company, please contact us at Sovereign Management & Legal. Just about all of our offshore company formations include one of these stored-value debit cards of your choice included at no extra cost. We also offer offshore company formation solutions in over twenty different jurisdictions other than Panama.

Want to set up an offshore financial company?

Sovereign Management & Legal, Ltd. specializes in setting up banks and other alternative types of financial institutions, such as credit unions and Offshore Finance Companies. Sovereign can provide a private label card program, similar to the Sovereign Gold Card program, along with internet banking software solutions. For more information visit Offshore Financial Companies.

Sovereign Gold Card provides offshore, international, anonymous prepaid debit cards (imprinted name options also available).
Sovereign Gold Card is a service of Sovereign Management & Legal, a multi-jurisdictional offshore services provider

For more on offshore formation services please go to www.offshore-protection.com