Offshore Anonymous Prepaid Debit Card

The Advantages of the Sovereign Gold Card

  • No name/anonymous (EUR Visa or USD MasterCard) and Imprinted name (EUR MasterCard) options available
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Prepaid and reloadable (no bank account necessary)
  • Sovereign-Advantages-manNo credit check
  • No security deposit
  • Free online customer support
  • Wholesale exchange rates
  • Higher daily cash access compared to normal bank ATM cards
  • Secure Offshore Banks in Belize, St. Vincent and Cyprus
  • Private and confidential
  • 24/7 online access – Real-time reporting
  • Transfer funds to more than one card
  • Receive payments from third parties
  • Offshore bank account options (with convenient internal transfer card loading)
  • Reseller/Merchant plans with special pricing and efficient multi-card funding options
  • Spend only up to the amount deposited onto card
  • Anyone can apply regardless of nationality, credit history or residential status (with exception of OFAC sanctioned countries)
  • Simple standard ID requirements
  • High Limits and Competitive Fees (see Fees & Limits)
  • Multiple card load options - including bank wire, worldwide money transfer companies and more
  • USD MasterCard expiration date not until 2021, other cards issued for two years from date of activation.
Sovereign Gold Card provides offshore, international, anonymous prepaid debit cards (imprinted name options also available).
Sovereign Gold Card is a service of Sovereign Management & Legal, a multi-jurisdictional offshore services provider

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