Insuring International ATM Card Security

International-ATM-Card-SecurityMany of us have heard the recent extremely troubling stories about the theft of credit card information this past holiday season:

  • "Hackers Steal 110 Million Target Customer Credit Card Numbers, Along with the Cardholders' Personal Information."
  • "Luxury Store Neiman Marcus Also Struck During Holiday Credit Card Attacks."

Instead of starting off with small charges that would likely go unnoticed, especially by wealthy, upper middle class and middle class shoppers, these hackers were bold, making these two of the largest hacks in history.


Anonymous Debit Cards are Largely Unaffected by New International Banking Laws

Anon-Debit-CardsAccording to recent reports, the FATCA Tax Evasion Reform measures are starting to take effect. In essence, many US citizens are having a hard time opening bank accounts in other countries because the US Federal Government is cracking down on tax evaders. These laws, (enacted in 2010, now enforced in 2014), also affect international insurance companies as well as hedge funds.

In addition, some banks have even closed bank accounts belonging to US citizens. This is mainly because the banks face heavy penalties if they don't comply with these mandates. Therefore, in many cases, the banks decide it's easier to just completely ignore American clients and their needs.


Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card Makes the Perfect Gift for Relatives Living Abroad

TrekkingGetting presents for relatives or close friends living overseas can be downright stressful. Not only might you be out of touch with that special something they want this holiday, but even if you hit the nail on the head, shipping costs can be extravagant.

So why not explore an easier alternative? This holiday season send your loved ones living abroad a prepaid MasterCard debit card loaded with funds ready for them to use on anything their hearts desire.


The Perfect Anonymous Debit Card for World Travelers

businessmanTo many people the American Express Gold card is the holy grail of credit cards. First and foremost it is a status symbol, declaring that "you've arrived." Second, the concept of unlimited daily spending is appealing and one can imagine being able to purchase just about anything, on a whim.

Unfortunately, in the case of AMEX and most other bank cards, nothing could be further from the truth. The so called unlimited spending limit is really an average of your day to day usage. Try to purchase anything outside of your average and at best it will require phone calls, at worst it will be declined.


An International ATM Card You Can Use Anywhere

Euros-ATMIf you're frequently traveling internationally, it can be cumbersome to use your own bank card. With exchange rates and accessibility issues, an international ATM card makes sense. It's not only easy to use, but when it comes to making purchases in another country, it can be a life saver.

For instance, did you know that many banks require you to notify them when you are traveling? If you forget or didn't know about this fine-print rule, you may find yourself stuck in another country with no access to your funds. With a Sovereign international ATM card you don't have to worry about a thing, because your funds are available any time you need them.


Go Offshore with a Prepaid Debit MasterCard or Visa - Taking Advice from the Big Guys

offshore-debit-card-freedom-coupleThinking of going offshore? Apple does it, so do Google and Nike; and let's not forget our last presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney. Offshore accounts have helped heavy hitters and multimillion (sometimes billion) dollar companies save on corporate taxes year after year.

In the 2012 presidential election, Romney was ordered to disclose his tax returns for previous years. When Mitt refused, it sent shockwaves through the country, and people began to ask themselves if offshore accounts are really shady business or if they are in fact an ingenious money-saving practice.


Anonymous Debit Cards - The Perpetual Traveler's Most Powerful Tools

perpetual-travelerThere is a new citizenship forming on the global scene. These citizens are part of a country without borders, geopolitical or financial. They value their personal sovereignty and seek to protect it along with their material assets with whatever tools are available.

Multiple passports and international bank accounts are the stuff of the new citizen – the perpetual traveler. How real is the perpetual traveler? What are his most powerful tools?


An Anonymous Debit Card Helps Protect Your Right To Privacy

privacyEven the most cursory glance at the world around us quickly reveals the extent to which technology has impacted virtually every area of our lives. The most intimate parts of our lives are subject to the presence of a variety of technological devices and processes. As a result, much of the freedom that we believe we enjoy comes ever closer to becoming little more than an illusion.

The same governments that tout the inalienable rights of its citizens to privacy on the one hand, barely put forth the effort to conceal their undeniable invasion of that very privacy on the other. However, the connection between technology and the invasion of our individual privacy also provides the means for its protection.


Offshore Sovereign Credit Card Offers Superior Advantages for Sovereign Individuals

sovereign-coupleIt seems bank cards and plans are as plentiful as the grains of sand on a beach. But out of all of the options available, do any of them offer what you need as a sovereign individual?

Though it looks and feels like a Sovereign credit card – with the privacy benefit of its no-name feature and many of the same conveniences found in a VISA or MasterCard – by definition, the Sovereign Gold Card is not really a credit card, but a stored-value card.


A Reloadable Debit Card Helps Parents with Children Living Abroad

child-debit-cardAs a "sovereign" parent, you value your right to privacy. Making sure your purchase transactions are kept confidential is of utmost importance to you. And you'd like to extend the same principle to your children, whether at home or while traveling abroad.

A reloadable debit card from Sovereign Gold Card may be just the tool you can feel secure in providing for your children.

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