Uses & Benefits of an International Anonymous Prepaid Card


Cash Card

Keep your Financial Transactions Confidential and Safe

  • Perfect way to carry your cash.
  • Whether you are an active entrepreneur, or you participate in different affiliate programs, or you are a consultant who needs a simple way to receive your money, cardholders can accept payment for goods or services they provide.


Third Party Payment Card

Make Payments Anywhere Anytime Worldwide

  • Pay your bills online, purchase an airline ticket or make a hotel or rental car reservation.
  • Give a card to a family member, agent or employee anywhere in the world.
  • Make payments to and their card can be easily loaded each time you need to get funds to them.
  • Reload them as often as you want up to the annual card load limit.
  • Save large sums by not paying the high transfer fees charged by fund transfer companies such as Western Union.


Travel Card

Wherever You Go Be Safe

  • A Travel Card is a prepaid, reloadable travel money card.
  • Most safe and convenient way to carry all your vacation money.
  • Not linked to any bank account, so even if the card is lost or stolen, all of the funds are replaceable. Your Travel Card can be used at ATMs worldwide, review locations here.
  • Always keep your Card and use it for your next travel. It's better to be safe than sorry.


Teen Card

Protect and Empower Your Children

  • A prepaid, re-loadable card which Teens can use at any of the million of ATM locations around the world.
  • A prepaid card, not a credit card, where spending is limited to the amount of money that is loaded onto the card.
  • Parents can authorize relatives or friends to put money onto their Teen Card.
  • Faster and safer than mailing a check or giving cash.


E-Currency Card

Access Your E-currency Balances

  • Provides a convenient means of accessing your e-currency balances and converting them into spendable cash on your card.
  • Load many different types of e-currencies for our clients.

E-Commerce Internet Card

Make Secure Payments to Internet Merchants

  • A regular card over the internet as the 3 digit security code (otherwise known as CCV) is on the back signature strip just like a regular credit card.



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Sovereign Gold Card provides offshore, international, anonymous prepaid debit cards (imprinted name options also available).
Sovereign Gold Card is a service of Sovereign Management & Legal, a multi-jurisdictional offshore services provider

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