Offshore Bank Accounts

What Are Offshore Bank Accounts?

Offshore Bank Accounts give you the protection of keeping some of your savings outside of the country where you live in a jurisdiction such as Belize or St. Lucia which still value and protect privacy. They also allow you the ability of loading your prepaid card directly from the bank account options that we offer in Belize or St. Lucia which only requires a cheap and quick internal transfer.

A common characteristic is that bank privacy is more strictly observed with domestic types of accounts and domestic court judgments are not recognized and cannot be enforced. This is why they are essential for asset protection purposes and if you live in countries that have currency controls now or could have in the future.

Why Have One?

  1. Don't have to send international wires from a domestic bank to load your card - just do an internal tranfer
  2. Receive payments that will exceed the card's load limit
  3. Make payments for those who do not have one of our debit cards
  4. A safe place to keep surplus funds
  5. Earn higher untaxed interest rates that are available on offshore deposits
  6. Maintain funds in a stronger or more stable currency
  7. Debit card can be loaded directly from the account via internal transfer
  8. For receiving business related payments from clients and customers
  9. Avoid currency controls

With the financial turbulence currently being experienced in many parts of the world it is only prudent to keep some of your funds offshore in a safe financial institution not at risk to any of the potential meltdown scenarios.

Two Types of Offshore Bank Accounts: Personal and Corporate

1. Personal Account in Belize, St. Lucia or Panama

Personal Account
  1. Belize or St. Lucia Personal Account:
    • A personal offshore account in Belize or St. Lucia along with our USD Belize issued Mastercard or EUR Visa all inclusive for $595 / €495
    • Minimum opening deposit for the bank account:
      • $1000 or equivalent in another currency plus:
      • $100 minimum load for the card to activate it
      • Account currency options include USD, GBP, EUR CAD and CHF

  2. Panama domiciled "virtual" account (held with subsidiary of U.K's largest payment processor)::
    • Use like a bank account for easy funding via internal transfer of one or more cards as well as for receipt of business payments and payment of invoices
    • Account opening with our Mastercard or Visa for just $395 or €330
      • available in USD, GBP, EUR and CHF
      • Receive or make ACH payments in local currency in 40 countries
      • Make low cost international SWIFT wire payments
      • Convenient major bank wire coordinates for receipt of payments in over 100 countries

2. Corporate Account in Belize or St. Lucia (includes Panama, Belize or Nevis Company)

Corporate Account

  • Company accounts offer anonymity features because every wire transfer in or payment out will not have your personal name on the wire document.
  • If this is an option you want, we recommend one of our special anonymous corporate or foundation packages as an alternative:
  1. Belize IBC or Nevis LLC + Belize Account + USD Mastercard
    - for $1675 or €1399 and $75 or €63 Fedex shipping

  2. Panama anonymous bearer share company or foundation with nominee directors and power of attorney issued to signatory/manager + Belize account and Panama brokerage account + USD Mastercard and/or EUR Visa Electron
    - for $1875 or €1579 and $75 or €63 Fedex shipping

All our incorporation packages are complete and come with apostilles, and in the case of option b, fully certified translations and nominee resignation letters. Turnaround for corporate setup is one week from receipt of payment and an additional two weeks for the bank account.


We know it can get complicated. Shoot us an email, or call us!

If you would like more information about these packages or about Belize, Nevis or Panama in general, as well as many other offshore company formation options, please visit Sovereign Management & Legal, Ltd.

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